20 Conditions of the Expedition Section

From 2010 Local Operating Authorities will only accept applications from licensed Authorised Activity Providers for any Duke of Edinburgh's Award expedition. The Duke of Edinburgh's Award has recognised that Adventure Lifesigns meet the standards required of The Duke of Edinburgh's Award expedition services.  This new licence will ensure quality control on your expedition and be a guarantee that your Duke of Edinburgh's Award expedition will meet all the criteria specified in the 20 Conditions. 


Organising a Duke of Edinburgh's Award expedition can often involve a lot of extra work.  You have the pressure of ensuring your expedition ticks all the mandatory Award requirements.  We can now put your mind at rest by guaranteeing that the award itineraries we offer will all meet these requirements and will be recognised by your Local Operating Authority.


We are able to deliver Bronze, Silver and Gold in the UK and abroad.

All training and practice expeditions must be completed in the UK.  For UK training we hold our own AALS licence.

The 20 Conditions are applicable to all expeditions.  We can support you throughout your expedition process to ensure these are met.  DofE want the same standard of expedition abroad as you would have on a UK assessed expedition.  This includes remote supervision and self sufficiency during the assessed phase and we comply with these conditions.


  1. Must be achieved by the participants' own physical effort, without motorized or outside assistance. Individuals will trek for the duration of the assessment.
  2. Must be unaccompanied and self-sufficient. Adventure Lifesigns has support systems on the ground that allow DofE groups to have remote supervision that ensures the safety of the group.
  3. Supervised by an adult who is able to accept responsibility for the safety of the team. All teams will have a qualified Expedition Leader and School Teacher overseeing their expedition.
  4. Must have an aim chosen by the team with the itinerary being designed to meet this aim.
  5. All participants must be properly equipped. Adventure Lifesigns have lightweight 4 season tents which are perfect for DofE assessment phases.
  6. Participants must have completed the required training and practice expeditions. Adventure Lifesigns can provide support for the training and practices.
  7. One practice expedition must be undertaken. We are set up to allow the teams to plan and prepare their expedition with help from us and in the spirit of the Award.
  8. Team must plan and organise their own expedition. We are set up to allow the teams to plan and prepare their expedition with help from us and in the spirit of the Award.
  9. Assessment must be by an approved assessor. Assessors provided for all DofE expeditions.
  10. There must be between 4 and 7 in a team. Itineraries are designed to allow for small DofE contingents.
  11. Must be within the qualifying age of programme level. This will be checked by Adventure Lifesigns.
  12. Participants must be at the same level of assessment. This will be checked prior to departure.
  13. The team must not include those who have completed the same or higher level expedition. This will be checked prior to departure.
  14. Accommodation should be by camping Lightweight 4 season tents provided by Adventure Lifesigns.
  15. The expedition must be of the correct duration: Bronze - 2 days and 1 night, Silver 3 days and 2 nights and Gold 4 days and 3 nights.  We will ensure the itinerary meets the minimum hours of planned activity during the assessed phase.
  16. Expedition should normally take place between end of March and end of October. We will ensure the destination is appropriate for the expedition aim and objectives.
  17. The expedition should take place in the recommended environment. Itineraries will be suited to Bronze, Silver and Gold award environments.
  18. Expedition must meet the minimum hours of planned activity. Bronze - 6 hours of planned activity of which at least 3 hours journeying, Silver - 7 hours planned activity of which at least 3½ hrs journeying and Gold - 8 hours planned activity of which 4 hours journeying.
  19. A substantial meal should be cooked and eaten by the participants each day. Facilities will be provided for cooking.
  20. A presentation must be prepared and delivered after the expedition. This will be discuss with the team prior to departure.
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