Cycling UK Mountain Trail Leader Award

This 3-day course is run within the South Down National Park and deals with group leadership, navigation and mechanics.  It is designed to enable leaders to take young people off-road, using  rights of way including  bridleways, and get them back safely.  


The course deals with problems of dangerous environments and peaceful co-existence with other outdoor pursuits. Off road racing and competition are also covered.


All courses are continuously assessed in terms of demonstrating ability to handle groups, especially in the setting of goals and limitations appropriate to the age, aptitude and ability of young people.


This course will equip you to:

  • Lead groups of adults, young people and children on rides
  • Manage groups with a range of riding experience 
  • Prepare for rides, anticipate and minimise safety factors
  • Develop and apply risk assessments, operating procedures and dynamic risk management
  • Provide fun, engaging and developmental sessions for your participants
  • Understand access rights across the UK and beyond
  • Complete and review rides, using self-reflective principles

Key content:

Mountain biking is one of the most accessible, enjoyable introductions to group cycling. Cycling UK's Mountain Bike Leader course enables you to lead groups on gentle terrain less than 600m above sea level and without the need for riders to steer a path around obstacles.  

The course includes tuition for your own off-road skills, and assessment of your new-found skills.

Please note: During the course you may ride at a level above that of Trail level terrain. 



  • At least one year's experience of regular riding in easy off-road terrain - a minimum of 30 rides.
  • Comfortably ride in Red Terrain.
  • Have ridden in poor weather.
  • Logbook of rides.
  • Ability to ride 16km in Off Road terrain.
  • 16 Hour Outdoor First Aid Course.
  • Minimum age 18
    • Non-technical riding - relatively smooth tracks and trails
    • Terrain : Non-technical riding - relatively smooth tracks and trails
    • Basic. Hold a valid first aid certificate

NB once you are a Mountain Bike Leader, there is currently no annual fee, to stay current you need an up to date logbook and 16hr+ / Day outdoor First Aid Certificate.nnual fee, to stay curre

Price on application.

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